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We Update our Training Frequently. As Everyone Should.

The problem with most official curriculum material that comes from Microsoft (and other “standard” vendors) is that it is quickly out of date.  It takes them many months to publish a class in the first place and then it is, for the most part, forgotten.  Technology, however, is never stagnant.  New tools, enhancements, add-ons and versions are continually being released that can render a class stale, if not completely out of date.  Course attendees expect, and deserve, the latest and most relevant information for their money.

Our courses are constantly updated to respond not only to new technological developments, but also to your needs. On many levels, each course we deliver is unique. (Last time I checked, each of our clients are unique, too. See a connection?). As relevant developments enhance the product, we quickly incorporate into our training. 

Case in point: the DPM Management Pack team just yesterday released the new System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 Management Pack for monitoring with Operations Manager.  What DPM 2010 administration course would be complete without including up-to-date information on monitoring?  So we have already started the evaluation process and begun to incorporate this into our course.  You can find a nice introduction to it at this TechNet Blog.  You can find our course outline here.

We’ve also already updated our Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) course to be focused on Lync Server and Exchange 2010, though the Lync software won’t officially be released for at least another month.  Why wait?  It will likely be many more months before the Microsoft official curriculum on Lync releases.  Yet isn’t this the time most enterprises need the training–as they prepare for the upgrade or actually start implementing?  When choosing a training vendor, make sure your training is as current as the software. And that your training vendor is as flexible as your business is unique.

To give you a chance to experience us in action, we’re offering 25% off all courses between now and the end of the year if you register by Thanksgiving 2010.

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